Water Revitalizers

Water as it was meant to be....

Have you noticed water cascading down a mountain stream? On its Many mountain streams and waterfalls in North Georgiajourney from the source it travels great distances hitting rocks, creating whirlpools and cascading over waterfalls. The water looks clean, refreshing and pure.

Compare that to the water from your kitchen sink if you are on a municipal water supply. It has been captured, purified using chemicals and sent to a water tank where it is sent through miles of straight pipes waiting for you to turn on the faucet in your home. The water seems to have lost its vibrant life source and is stagnant.

Many choose to purchase and drink bottled water since they feel it is healthier. But is it really?

We would like to introduce you to an option to bottled water that can be good for you and the environment.

Vortex Revitalized Water

A Vortex Water Revitalizer runs your tap water through a double helix spiraling process that creates a powerful vortex implosion. It is not a water filter but structures and revitalizes the water throughout your entire home. Water for the kitchen, shower and garden are all revitalized.

Vortex Water Revitalizers require a one-time installation either on your incoming water line (15-minutes for a plumber) or on an existing faucet or shower. Once installed there is never anything to replace.

Picture of Whole House Model Cutaway Showing Internal Design